Press Release: Methuen Police Present Certificate of Appreciation to Former K-9 Officer

Mayor Stephen Zanni and Chief Joseph E. Solomon are pleased to announce that on March 29 they presented retired Officer Rob Prindle with a certificate of appreciation from the city of MethuenA certificate of appreciation was also presented to him for his K-9 Sugar, who served the Methuen Police Department for seven years and passed away this past February
On behalf of all Methuen citizens, we want to commend Officer Prindle for his almost 11 years of service and dedication at the Methuen Police Department,” said Mayor Stephen Zanni.
K-9 Sugar retired in 2010 when Officer Prindle left the force to serve as a Federal Agent in the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. After retiring, she stayed with Officer Prindles family and continued to enjoy searching for people in her efforts to find his two boys hiding around the backyard.

“Officer Prindle and K-9 Sugar were invaluable assets to the Methuen Police Department and we are pleased to offer them recognition for the service and accomplishments,” said Chief Solomon.