Launch into Spring with Methuen PD's Burglary Safety Tips

Help Us Help You from becoming a Victim of Burglary!

It's the first day of Spring and the first of many days that will bring comfortable weather enticing homeowners to begin yard cleanup and Spring cleaning of their homes.

While performing your Spring cleaning, ask yourself the below questions. Feel free to add your own tips, ideas, or what you and your family do to prevent Burglary.

1.) Is the outside of your home well lit? Are entryways, driveways and windows lit up as to have a clear view of these areas and who may around them?

2.) Are trees, shrubbery and branches kept trimmed back as to not obscure windows or doors?

3.) Are ladders, tools and movable objects that can be used to stand on kept in garages or non accessible areas?

4.) Do you have secure and working locks on your windows and doors?

5.) Can a Burglar see into your home and view your valuables?

6.) Do you lock up your grills, lawn mowers, bikes or other outdoor valuables?

7.) Do you close and lock doors and windows at night or every time you leave the house, even if it's just for a few minutes?

Help Us Help You to keep your home safe!

Methuen Police Department Social Media Team