Methuen Police Department Appoints New Full-Time Officer

                                                      New full-time officer Jose Santiago. (Courtesy Photo)

METHUEN — Mayor Stephen Zanni and Chief Joseph E. Solomon are pleased announce that Jose Santiago has been appointed as the newest full-time officer at the Methuen Police Department.
A Lawrence native and nine-year law enforcement veteran, Officer Santiago began as a full-time officer on Jan. 22. He is currently completing the department’s Field Training Officer (FTO) program before being assigned to a shift.

“On behalf of the entire city, we would like to congratulate Officer Santiago for earning a full-time position at the Methuen Police Department,” Mayor Zanni said. “I’m pleased to have another person tasked with keeping this community and our residents safe.”

Officer Santiago has served as a Reserve Officer with the Methuen Police Department since January 2015. He previously worked at the Essex County Sheriff’s Department from September 2007 to May 2011, at which time he also graduated from the Lowell Police Academy and transitioned to a role at Salem State University. He remained at Salem State until January 2016, and then moved to the Bolton Police Department from February 2016 to January 2017.

In addition to Officer Santiago, Reserve Officers Patrick Fleming and Joshua Waller have been hired as full-time employees and are currently enrolled in the Northern Essex Community College Methuen Police Academy.

The academy began on Jan. 30, and Officers Fleming and Waller are scheduled to graduate in July. Upon completion, they will become permanent full-time officers at the Methuen Police Department and enter the FTO program.

“I am pleased to be adding three new officers to our roster,” Chief Solomon said. “Their experience as reserve officers will certainly be beneficial to this community and our residents.”