An Early Morning Tribute for a WWII and Korean War Veteran

"An early morning tribute 

for a WWII and Korean War veteran"

    At 3:45 this morning, Methuen Police officers gathered in front of our station to show their respects to WWII and Korean Veteran, David McCarthy Chief Petty Officer United States Navy Seabees (retired).

   Mr. McCarthy, accompanied by his son Daniel McCarthy are leaving this morning from Methuen and traveling to Hawaii where they will join other WWII honorees in Pearl Harbor for the 75th anniversary remembrance and commemoration ceremonies for the December 7th, 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor.

    After the officers introduced themselves and thanked Mr McCarty for his service, he and his son were given a police escort to Logan Airport by two of our officers.

    When they arrived at the airport, they were met by Massachusetts State Police where they were assisted until boarding their flight.

    Join us in wishing David and Daniel a safe journey and as we approach December 7th as a day of remembrance, please take a moment to remember the incredible sacrifices shown by all of our veterans, their families and loved ones both past and present.

                                                              "We Salute All Of You"
                                                                 Chief Joe Solomon