TRAFFIC ADVISORY: Signal Lights At Five Corners Being Maintained/Repaired - September 14, 2016


The signal lights at the intersection of “Five Corners”, (Lowell, Pelham, Osgood & Railroad) Streets are being maintained/repaired.   In order to ensure the safety of our motorists, we have detoured  traffic into this major intersection.  1) Osgood Street EASTBOUND at River,  2) Railroad Street NORTHBOUND at Union, and 3) Pelham Street WESTBOUND at Barker Streets.  All detours will bring you back to Lowell Street where you can access any direction.   LOWELL STREET remains completely open allowing traffic through Five Corners with egress to Railroad, Pelham and Osgood Streets.  

We are expecting this to last throughout the day today.   Thank you for your patience.