Methuen Police Department Unveils its Pink "Cruiser of Hope"

Methuen Police Department

Joseph Solomon, Chief of Police

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Thursday, May 19, 2016
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Methuen Police Department Unveils its Pink "Cruiser of Hope"

The Methuen Police Department debuted its "Cruiser of Hope" on May 15 to raise awareness for breast cancer. (Photo Courtesy of Methuen Police)

METHUEN -- Chief Joseph Solomon is pleased to announce that the Methuen Police Department unveiled its new "Cruiser of Hope" over the weekend to raise awareness for breast cancer.
The Cruiser of Hope, or just "Hope" as the officers call her, was officially put on the road on Sunday, May 15. Hope will serve as a symbol for the Methuen Police to show their support for those fighting against breast cancer, and to recognize the many survivors who serve as an inspiration to others.
With 189,000 miles and nearing its life expectancy, the 2009 Dodge Charger police cruiser was originally headed for the junk yard. However, knowing they could put the vehicle to good use, Methuen Police partnered with two local companies, A Plus Two Auto Body and Adamson Industries, a local outfitter of emergency vehicles, to restore and re-purpose the cruiser.
A Plus Two Auto Body donated all of the required bodywork and paint for the car, and Adamson Industries donated the time and materials to replace the vehicle's light bar and complete the interior repairs that were needed to keep the vehicle road-worthy.
"We are so pleased with the way this cruiser turned out," Chief Solomon said. "This is a creative and unique way to raise awareness for breast cancer, and the happiness and joy the car has already brought to our community is so rewarding."
In the few days that the cruiser has been on the road, it has already had a very positive impact throughout the city. Officers have been flagged down by cancer survivors who have requested photos with the pink cruiser.
Due to the vehicle's high mileage, it will not be used on regular patrol. However, Methuen Police will bring the vehicle to community events as well as parades and local cruiser convoys.


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