Methuen PD Looking To ID Suspect of a Larceny from Ted's Stateline Mobil

On Tuesday, November 10th at approximately 3:15 pm, a male suspect entered the convenience store located at "Ted's Stateline Mobil" gas station (551 Broadway in Methuen MA), just prior to the border of Salem NH.

The suspect walked around the store momentarily, and then entered a storage room which had signage stating: "Employees Only." While inside this storage room, he is observed rifling through an employee's purse located on a table. The male suspect proceeds to remove a large wallet from the purse, and shove it down the front of his pants. The suspect then exits the storage room and leaves the store on foot.  He was last seen walking across the rear parking lot toward the Lowes home improvement store located in Salem NH.

If you recognize this suspect and can identify him, please contact Officer Michael Blanchette at 978-983-8802.