New IRS Scam Involving Phone Calls & Males Posing as IRS Agents

New IRS Scam Alert:
A concerned resident came to the Methuen Police station to report that she has been receiving numerous calls from an unknown subject, who identifies himself as being an IRS agent. The caller related that the resident owed $4,500.00 in back taxes. He related that the money was from property taxes, then changed his story and said it was from her federal taxes from 2009 to 2013. The calls kept coming in and the reporting party started ignoring the calls.
On Friday, the resident’s husband related that two men in suits approached their house and asked for his wife. They flashed what appeared to be a badge, very quickly. They explained that they were there from the IRS. The two men had some sort of paperwork, but would not show it, but stated it was proof that the wife owed $4500.00 in back taxes.
After being rejected the men left in a grey ford Taurus with tinted windows. No description of the men was attained. The woman who reported the incident called the IRS to ensure, and was advised that she did not owe any money.
Anytime a law enforcement officer in plain clothes comes to your house or stops you, they will always have a badge AND an official identification card. Most officers will also have a business card with contact information on it.
If you have any information about this scam or have been the victim of this scam, please contact the Methuen Police Department at 978-983-8698 or Detective Eric Deleon at 978-983-8791.