6 Arrested after drive by shooting involving a pellet gun.


At approximately 12:50am on Saturday, August  22, 2015, Officer Souther and his partner Officer Richmond were dispatched to the area of Hemenway St. for a report of 4 male subjects in a black SUV who fired what could possibly have been a pellet gun at a man walking down the street.

When the officers arrived in the area, they saw a Black Honda Pilot on Elm Street. This vehicle matched  the description of the vehicle described by the victim. Due to the nature of the call, Officers Souther, Richmond, K9 Officer Nicolosi and partner Riko, and Sgt. James Moore approached the vehicle, removed all subjects from the car, and handcuffed and pat  frisked  them  for officer safety. During this process, Officer Nicolosi saw what appeared to be the handle of a handgun under the 2nd row passenger’s seat. Officer Nicolosi removed the weapon, identifying it as a pellet gun and secured it. Continuing the investigation, Officer Nicolosi located another pellet gun under the 3rd row seat.

Throughout the investigation, the subjects were not cooperating, failing to provide their names or any information that may identify who they were. People were coming out of their homes, and passers by slowing down to see what was going on.

While speaking with the victim, he told Officer Nicolosi and Officer Pilz that he was walking on Hemenway St. toward Riverside Dr. when he heard two "pop" sounds and then felt something go by his head. He then turned and saw 4 males in a black SUV. The rear passenger was hanging out of the window with what appeared to be a gun in his hand.

Two pellet guns, a CO2 cartridge, and pellets were taken into evidence and this investigation remains ongoing with the potential for more charges added. In close proximity to the incident, Officer Pilz discovered a vehicle with a window shattered. The damage to the window appeared to have been from a BB or pellet.

The black SUV was towed and all 6 subjects were arrested and charged with the following:
265-15B - Assault by a Dangerous Weapon to wit pellet gun
272-53 - Disorderly Person