3 Arrested on Felony Warrants as MPD & Essex County Sheriff's Apprehension Team takes to the Streets

Yesterday, Thursday, April 23, 2015, Chief Joseph Solomon, Mayor Steve Zanni and Essex County Sheriff Frank Cousins announced a new initiative between the Methuen Police Department and the Essex County Sheriff’s Department. This initiative included the deployment of a Warrant Apprehension team to assist Methuen Police detectives in the apprehension of suspects who have outstanding arrest warrants.

Today, Friday, April 24, 2015, as a result of a warrant sweep, 3 subjects with felony warrants were arrested. 

Yohannel Gil was arrested at 69 Ashland Avenue, 1st floor and his warrant was for Assault and Battery on a Household Member.

Howard Bolduc was arrested at 20 Pinedale, 2nd floor and his warrant was for Assault and Battery on a Household Member

Lee Suarez was arrested at 91 Broadway, Apt 27 and his warrant was for Failing to Provide DNA Sample.
As Lee was being taken in custody, in plain view, detectives observed illegal narcotics. After a subsequent investigation Lee was additionally charged with 5 counts of Possession With Intent to Distribute a Class B Substance powder cocaine, crack cocaine, suboxone strips, suboxone pills and Percocet. His cell phone and $1629.00 in numerous denominations was seized as proceeds of illegal narcotic sales.

Two other Methuen residents with Felony Warrants were found to already be in custody. One subject is in Middleton House of Correction and the other in Federal Custody in Rhode Island.

The Methuen Police Department would like to thank Sheriff Cousins and the Essex County Sheriff’s Department for the cooperation in today’s operation.