B/E to a Business: LJ Market 120 Lowell St. Methuen, MA

This morning between 6:45 – 7:15 am, a heavy set male wearing
blue jeans, what looks like a red winter coat with a hood pulled over his head
and face was seen pacing back and forth in front of LJ Market (120 Lowell
St).  Around 7:10 am, the male enters the cubby to the front door, and
while facing the street kicks the door twice, dislodging the glass.  The
male then enters the business, goes to the counter, and begins to go through
the cigarettes.  The suspect then grabs the cash register and exits the
store through the same door.  He is last seen heading up Lowell St.
towards Oakland Ave. carrying the cash register in his hand.

In you happened to see this male subject this morning or
have any information about this crime, please contact the Methuen Police
Department at 978-983-8798 or Detective Eric Deleon at 978-983-8791.