Methuen Christmas Tree Disposal


Methuen Residents Christmas Tree Disposal Program.

There are 3 places to drop off your Christmas Trees in Methuen.
1.) The Transfer Station on Huntington Ave
2.) The Highway yard on Lindbergh Av
3.) The Football Stadium Lot

AND NOW, ANOTHER MESSAGE FROM FEMA: Taking down the Christmas tree may not be as fun as putting it up but keeping a dried-out tree in your home or stored in a garage is a fire hazard! When it comes to tree disposal, do you know your options? After the holidays, don’t throw your Christmas tree in the trash. 
Never dispose of your tree by burning it in a fireplace or wood stove. Doing so may result in a chimney fire.  Pine and fir trees produce a lot of creosote when burning and may lead to deposits in your chimney. A burning tree is also hard to control and may burn faster than expected.