Today's Tornado Warning Recap

Very rarely does the city of Methuen go under "Tornado Warning" and residents are told to "Shelter in Place." Today, Monday, July 1, 2013, City of Methuen Residents did a great job keeping themselves and others safe by being the eyes and ears for Methuen Police. Residents were reporting trees down, flooding, and power outages to police as they were occurring and then monitoring the reports via social media in efforts to gather more information and/or check on others to make sure they were safe.

Methuen experienced high winds, rain, and a true Tornado Warning. We also had flooding that closed a section of Jackson Street and trees and power lines down on Lowell street. Flooding was also present on Pleasant Valley Street and Union Street. The Merrimack River was also being monitored by police. The Police Department and City Officials were planning for the worst and had Emergency Operations on Standby.

Well, we "weathered the storm" so to speak, with no major damage, no persons injured, and minimal clean up. Good Job Methuen.

see below pictures from 710 Lowell street where a tree came down, pulling power lines from a home, and closing Lowell Street while cleanup was in progress.