Warmer Weather = Increased Opportunity for Crime

 As the weather warms up, so does the opportunity for Crime.

Be sure to roll up car windows when not with your vehicle. DO NOT leave valuables in plain view on the seats of your car or visible inside the vehicle. Spare change, IPODS, GPS units, purses, wallets, cell phones or chargers, backpacks, shopping merchandise, or even any "bag" with nothing valuable inside will lure criminals to your vehicle.

Close and lock windows to your home when you are not there. Close the shades or blinds, but always leave a light, TV, and /or radio on.

Warmer weather also brings our bikes and lawn furniture. Please secure these items when you are not around them.

Always remember the Crime Triangle. You need a Victim (You), a Criminal (them) and opportunity to complete the triangle. Take away or diminish the opportunity and the triangle cannot be completed.

Take Steps to Protect yourself and your property!