UPDATE: Methuen Winter Parking Ban update

Methuen Winter Parking Ban update: Due to the lack of incoming snow, the Methuen Police Department WILL allow accommodations to the Winter Parking Ban with the following conditions. Vehicles may be left on the public way if parked in a TOTALLY cleared parking space where the vehicle is against curbing and not a hazard. Vehicles MAY NOT be left protruding into the roadway or left against a snow bank where the vehicle is not up against the curbing as if parked when no snow exists. Any vehicle left parked in an uncleared parking space, against a snow bank and not parked up against curbing is subject to ticketing and towing. Thank You. Please be sure to check this site daily, or call our Winter Parking Ban information line at 1-978-983-8643

We remind you that the DPW has setup 978-983-8545 to receive information on streets that may still need plowing. Please pass this along to receive faster service. This site is not monitored 24hrs a day and your requests can be handled faster by calling them in.

Requests and complaints about street plowing and widening will not be forwarded to the DPW from this site. Please contact them directly.