Storm Nemo Slammed Methuen!

 Winter Storm Nemo slammed Methuen Friday afternoon into Saturday dumping two feet of snow onto the City. The winds and snow were heaviest during the overnight hours, where plows and crews worked feverishly to keep up with the snow fall.

 Though National Grid reports Methuen Residents did not lose power due to the winds and snow, the Ranger Plaza sign took a beating.

  Crews continue to work to clear the streets and get rid of some of the snow. DPW Director advises that the DPW crews will be working through the night to clear sidewalks and widen streets. The street widening and corner clearing is a muti day task.

  The DPW has setup 978-983-8545 to receive information on streets that need plowing. Please pass this along to receive faster service. This site is not monitored 24hrs a day and your requests can be handled faster by calling them in.

  Please drive carefully and Take an extra moment at intersections to make sure that it is safe to pullout. As a reminder please be a hydrant HERO and clear any hydrants on your property or near your property. Your assistance will greatly be appreciated. Thank you all for your patience and understanding during this storm. Together we all can make it safer.

  Due to the amount of snow still on the roadways, combined with the efforts of plow crews to widen streets, the WINTER PARKING BAN WILL REMAIN IN EFFECT UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE! Please pass this information along. Vehicles WILL be ticketed AND towed if left on the roadway when crews come by.