Unruly crowd attacks officers

Re: Large Disturbance/Officer injured

Early this morning about 3:15 AM, The MPD received several 911 calls for a large group of about 25 people yelling and screaming on Strathmore Rd. Officer Earnshaw and K. Pilz were the first officers on the scene and he observed a crowd of between 30 – 40 people. As they exited the cruiser they heard several people screaming, yelling and being extremely loud. They attempted to disperse the large crowd which was made of largely non area residents. Most began walking down Strathmore Rd or getting into parked M/V’s. Further up on Strathmore Rd the officers observed one female who they asked to leave the area. Officer Earnshaw stated that she began to leave when another female (later identified as Ms. Kim Almonte) began holding her and would not allow her to leave. Shortly thereafter an altercation began. All Parties were screaming and yelling obscenities and refusing to disperse. A crowd then began to form around Ms. Almonte in attempts to get her to leave. At this time she still refused to leave. Officer Earnshaw attempted to place her in custody. At this time Ms. Almonte pushed Officer Earnshaw with both hands in the chest and then fell to
the ground. She continued to fight and resist being arrested. This further exasperated the situation.
The crowd became extremely upset and began yelling at and circling Officers. As they were attempting to gain control of Ms. Almonte another female later identified as Ms. Stephanie Ortiz came up behind Officer Earnshaw and grabbed him in the chest area and his microphone for his radio. She refused several orders to let go. Officer Earnshaw then attempted to place her under arrest and she pulled away. At this time Ms. Ortiz grabbed the back of his duty belt approx. 3 inches from his firearm. While he was handcuffing Ms. Ortiz he was struck several times in the head by someone in the crowd.
At this time the Officers felt they were in imminent fear of being harmed by the reaming unruly crowd. At this time they requested backup units to respond and all working officers were dispatched.  As the crowd grew more angry and confrontational mutual aid from Lawrence PD and MA. State Police were requested .
During this struggle a resident notified the police dispatch that there was an Officer down. This Officer was later identified as Officer Earnshaw.  As Officer Earnshaw was handcuffing Ms. Ortiz a
male subject (later identified as Mr. Melvin Gomez) came up behind him and grabbed him with both hands putting him in a “full nelson type hold”. He then proceeded to slam Officer Earnshaw head first into the pavement. This caused injury to Officer Earnshaw which later required treatment at the hospital.
During this altercation the officers were surrounded by the hostile group Officers were trying to push the crowd back and received major resistance.  Other officers attempted to get Mr. Gomez off of Officer Earnshaw and were unable to gain control of him.  Mr. Gomez eventual broke free took to his feet and started throwing punches towards Officer Pilz. Officer Pilz then took Mr.
Gomez to the ground and attempted to gain control of his hands. Mr. Ortiz continued to fight throwing elbows and punches.  He was eventual subdued and placed under arrest.
During the altercation a male subject (later identified as Mr. Joel Ynfante) tried to jump on Officer
Pilz and Officer Moore while they were effecting the arrest of Officer Gomez. Officer Moore
struggled with Mr. Ynfante and was able to place him under arrest. 
A Mr. Joel Sosa attempted to intervene and free Mr. Gomez while he fought with the officers.  After numerous orders to stay away which he refused to heed he began to fight with the officers and was arrested.  During these altercations members of the unruly crowd were pushing and shoving the officers. Officers observed all parties involved appeared to be intoxicated causing this entire incident to be extremely volatile. There were between 20 and 30 people yelling, screaming and circling around Officer’s. These subjects were throwing and smashing bottles all over the street. 

Arrested and charged:
Ms. Almonte, assault and battery on a police officer, being a disorderly person and resisting arrest.
Mr. Gomez, obstructing justice, disturbing the peace, resisting arrest, 2 counts of assault and battery on a police officer and being a disorderly person.
Ms. Ortiz, being a disorderly person and obstructing justice.
Mr. Ynfante, disturbing the peace, resisting arrest and being a disorderly person.
Mr. Sosa, disturbing the peace, resisting arrest and being a disorderly person.