Threats at Methuen High School

On Thursday, December 06, 2012 a #Methuen High School student reported that another student, Jacob Butze-Maille, age 17 of Methuen made threatening statements about Methuen High School students in reference to Columbine.  He additional made a threat to kill the witness and threats related to weapons. This information was reported to school officials.  The specific language of the threats is being withheld pending the conclusion of the case.

The Methuen Police Chief in in conjunction with Superintendent Scannel directed an investigation which resulted in an arrest warrant for Mr. Butze-Maille being obtained.  He was located, arrested and transported to the police station for processing. The Methuen Police and the Methuen School Department take all threats of violence seriously

The criminal Bureau Commander Captain McCarthy and the School Services Supervisor Sergeant Walsh worked thorough out the day and into the evening on the investigation with Methuen Police detectives and School Resource Officer Farelli.

The arrest warrant charged the suspect with:
1.       Threats to commit Murder,
2.       Intimidation of a witness, and
3.       Willful communicated a Threat concerning a Dangerous item will be present. 

Mr. Butze-Maille is currently being held at the Methuen Police Department 0n $10,000 dollars bail.

With the suspect in custody there is NO danger to our students or the staff at Methuen High School.