Safety Alert - Police Impersonator

A male operator reported on November 6, 2011 at approximately 4:15 AM he was pulled over at in a parking lot on Merrimack Street. He relayed he was stopped by a white Chevy Tahoe that was equipped with had wig wag (alternating) headlights flashing and the vehicle did not have any other markings or lights and did not have tinted windows. He was approached by the front seat passenger who was described as a white male approximately 6'2'', approximately 200lbs, black short hair, no facial hair or scars, wearing jeans, a blue jacket with the large Boston Red Sox emblem in the center. He was asked for his driver’s license and registration.  The stopped motorist asked to see a badge or identification and the suspect told him he doesn't have a right to see those things.
The Methuen Police Department Does not have an unmarked  white Chevy Tahoe.  If you find yourself being stopped by an unmarked police vehicle and feel unsafe, please call 911 from your cell phone and advise the dispatcher of your situation.  The dispatcher will be able to confirm your stop and dispatch you a marked police vehicle. If you are unable to call 911 slow your vehicle down activate your four way emergency flashers and either stop in a well lighted area that has people around or drive safely to the nearest police station.