Help Prevent Purse Snatching

A combination of entering the holiday shopping season and the economy declining on a daily basis; there are more and more foreclosures and an endless number of layoffs occurring. As the economic outlook declines, and the holiday shopping season begins, traditionally crime increases. One prevalent crime that can cause serious bodily injury when resistance is encountered by a criminal, is purse snatching. The best way to prevent a purse snatching is to reduce your vulnerability. Criminals are known to profile their victims especially when it comes to purse snatching's. Criminals will be looking for someone who appears to be distracted, who has a large purse that is hanging off of their shoulder and their preferred victim is the elderly. You should ONLY carry what you need to shop and if possible you should carry your money and credit cards in your pockets. If you need to carry a purse, consider using a small bag that snaps around your waist. If you decide to carry a purse, prior to exiting your vehicle place the purse over your shoulder and wear it under your coat. You should be vigilant and remain aware of your surroundings. As you are parking your vehicle and prior to exiting, visually check for suspicious people. You should walk only in well lit areas and try to shop with a friend. Try to stay clear of cars which are traveling in the aisles of the parking areas or vehicles parked in a fire line with subjects in them. If you become a victim, in order to prevent bodily injury, DO NOT struggle with the attacker. Try to obtain a description of the attacker, as well as a description of any vehicle that is involved, including the license plate number, and direction of travel. Notify the Police immediately.