Winter Parking Ban Enforcement Information

The Methuen Police Department actively enforce the winter parking ban during all snow storms.   Obviously, it is impossible for the police department to enforce every street during every snow storm. The DPW has ultimate authority to report vehicles blocking snow removal operations and order the towing of such to ensure the streets are cleared properly.  

The parking ban is not actively enforced during times where:
1) no snow exists on the roadway,
2) times after snow where the street is completely cleared to the curbing and vehicles are parked against the curbing in a totally cleaned out spot, not protruding into the roadway.

During times of active snow removal operations, as well as the night of and proceeding a snow storm, the ban will also be fully enforced. 

An informational phone message has been set up to the public to determine the nights the parking ban will be fully enforced.  That phone number is 978-983-8643. 

During a snow storm, should you observe violations during the time the ban is being fully enforced,  please be sure to contact the police department at 978-983-8698 to report the violations. 

Thank you.

Capt. Randy R. Haggar
Methuen Police Department
Field Operations Bureau